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Southern Ethiopia is a truly unspoiled part of Ethiopia with lakes, hot-springs, rolling green hills, rugged mountains, huge forests, wild coffee and the real African savannah and semi-desert. There are several National Parks where a great variety of wildlife and birds can be seen. A mosaic of tribes lives in this varied landscape. More than 45 languages are spoken here.

Southern Ethiopia Tours specialise in providing you with opportunities to pursue your special interests whilst exploring our fascinating and beautiful region with highly educated, professional guides.


As well as offering general travel through Southern Ethiopia, we cater to “specialist travellers” and can guide you to areas of particular interest. 


If you are passionate about ornithology, we can take you bird watching in areas such as the Bale Mountain National Park, The Rift Valley Lakes and Yabello Sanctuary.


Writers, photographic and cinematographic enthusiasts and professionals will find ample material for their projects all over Southern Ethiopia, particularly in the spectacular Omo valley.


Time spent amongst the indigenous tribes, such as the Mursi and Hamer can be arranged for those interested in Anthropology, social anthropology, linguistics and other areas of study- the human mosaic of Southern Ethiopia is richly diverse - more than 45 languages are spoken here.


Southern Ethiopia is a wonderland for geo-travellers, outdoor adventurers and laid back explorers- we can take you cycling or biking, trekking and hiking  in areas throughout the region. 


We can also arrange camping in villages, The National Park and on the shores of the Omo River.

Things To Do

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